You'll Love Your Woody Moran Pandora Internet Radio Station

Woohoo! It has taken multiple attempts to get on Pandora Internet Radio, but with the submission of "Chasing Midnight" from the EP Sitting In Aztec Chairs, I now have a Woody Moran Station on Pandora. As you may know, Pandora's analysis of your songs determines what other songs show up on your station and where your else your songs may pop up.

So of course, I've spent the day listening to my Woody Moran Station and I love the company that I'm in. Here's what you can expect if you set your Pandora Internet dial to Woody Moran.

Click Five, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews Band (lots), The Fray, Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder (lots of Pearl Jam & Eddie),The Calling, Michelle Branch, Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Alice In Chains,  Ryan Cabrera (lots), Ray LaMontage, Lyle Lovett, Bill Withers, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Ben Harper.

Seriously, this is such an awesome collection of wonderful music that I am humbled to just be part of the mix. I have been told several times that I sound like Ray LaMontage but I had never listened to his music. I love that Dave Matthews shows up so much, he has been such an influence on me.

So do yourself a favor and create a Woody Moran Station on Pandora Radio. You'll love it.

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